Lead Article - Cincinnatus United George Carruth, Commissioned Lay Pastor

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Community service takes many forms– from financial assistance, meeting space, and hands-on volunteers to support the needs of the elderly, young people, recovering alcoholics, the grieving, people with mental and physical challenges, and many others in need. We support Rural Services, an ecumenical out-reach program serving a variety of needs within the community including a food pantry, farmers’ market, second-hand clothing shop and other support services.

Monthly, we provide a self-supportive meal of pasta, meatballs, salad, Italian bread, drink and dessert for the community to enjoy.  For the sum of a dollar bill, the public relishes the opportunity to enjoy community fellowship, be entertained with wonderful music, and to have the opportunity to draw for donated door prizes.  We serve an average of 60 meals each month.

Our little church in the valley takes pride reaching out to our community in several different ways.  For the past thirty years we have conducted an Easter Egg Hunt like none other.  Open to the public, being self-supportive, our attendance includes thirty-five to sixty children ranging in age of three, through the teenage years, parents and grandparents.  Five hundred eggs are hidden including two golden eggs.  The hunt is divided into two parts. Refreshments are served between the divided hunts at which time community donated door prizes including a new bicycle are given away. Characteristically, the duration of an Easter Egg hunt last five minutes, but ours extends to a duration of an hour and a half which has proven to be fun for both the young and old drawing the community together.

We strive to answer Christ’s call to be disciples of all men. We, the congregation of the United Presbyterian Church of Cincinnatus, are committed to deepening our relationships, through the Holy Spirit, with each other, our community, and our God.

William Killebrew

Elder-United Presbyterian Church

of Cincinnatus, New York